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Teri Michel, LMT, CAHE



"When I was younger and for many, many years, I used to love practicing yoga, until old injuries (neck, knees, shoulders etc.) combined with a yoga teacher who did not understand my challenges made me stop practicing as I was always feeling worse after a class or a practice. So, no more yoga for me for many years, my neck regularly was so bad that I needed adjustment or massage or both. And this for many years until I met Teri of Ananda Yoga studio. I first went to her for a cranial therapy treatment as my neck again was acting out badly. After the treatment (which was wonderful by the way), she said: “ do you do yoga ?”. I answered: not any more as I have hurt myself too much. Teri said: come to my restorative yoga class, I totally respect and work with injuries or limitations in the body. I hesitated for a while but having more treatments with Teri, I trusted her and went to her class. I was hooked at first class, feeling how beneficial this form of yoga is (and the way that Teri works with it). I could sense that my body will get back in proper balance and elasticity by practicing this form of yoga regularly and with the loving support of Teri who always helps everyone with their limitations. I was regular in going to the classes for many, many months, did not want to miss one. My body became so much more flexible, stronger and relaxed that I could even start hatha yoga again (again with Teri). Even though I practice meditation and relaxation, my sleep was better with restorative yoga allowing more and deeper relaxation, unwinding of tight ness in the body. Then my husband got very sick some months ago and for nearly 2 months I was not able to go to any class or even do any practice on my own not having any time. I have heard: health does not feel like anything until you get sick. Well a flexible balanced body does not feel like anything until you stop what makes it feel this way. Stopping restorative yoga for 2 months, everything became tight again and pain came back and twisted neck.  I had realized the benefits of restorative yoga all along but so much more when I stopped for a while. I could not wait to go to class regularly again.T hank you Teri for making this happen." Bhavani R, North Port, FL

"Just wanted you to know that I have really been enjoying your classes. YOu are an excellent yogi. Vinyasa is one of my preferred styles, but also I had talked to you about the importance of the atmosphere. It definitely contributes, but I realized today that the other part of a really successful class is the yogi. I have taken classes from a few different instructors over the years, but it has always reminded me of any other type of exercise class, like spinning or zumba. Your knowledge and ability to impart the theory, purpose, and meaning behind yoga defnitely has contributed to my enjoyment of your class. My aunt has been a yogi in Nevada for over 30 years and she would send me videos and meditation CDs because what I had experienced here just hadnt hit the mark for me. So, many thanks for such a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to trying a restorative yoga class as well." Leslie V., North Port, FL




 "I wanted to also let you know yesterday when I went to check my mail I grabbed it out of the box like I normally do and tucked it under my arm, walked back in the house and I felt this incredible shape sting on the inside of my arm and yelled.  It was a wasp.  Well he got me and good.  After I saw him flop to the floor I stepped on him to make sure he was dead and went right to my oils and book.  My arm was already swelling up in the location where he stung me and I applied lavender and peppermint on it immediately, nothing else, not even ice.  I had some tea and went to bed.  In the morning you couldn’t even tell I was stung.  It was unreal.  True testimonial .  I have been telling everyone.  I will tell you I am thrilled you shared the oils with me and I’m not only a believer I continue to have proof." Jacki R., North Port, FL


"It’s with complete confidence that I write this testimonial. It’s been my good fortune to have been treated to the most special healing massages from my lovely friend, Teri, during my visit with her last year. There are many people who offer services like Teri’s, but you can’t teach or heal people if you don’t have special gifts in your very soul. Teri is one of these blessed people, and it helps that she’s super smart and understands what you need. I  have had decades of problems with my joints and muscles from accidents, surgeries, falls – you name it. I spent a few days with Teri and was the recipient of total wellbeing experience during that time, from the meals she served, to the beginner’s yoga sessions, to the massage treatments that left me feeling less uptight and much less pain. Trust me, I’m quite an uptight person, and it’s outside of the norm for me to let anyone give me a massage. Thank you, Teri. I haven’t kept up with the massages as I knew the search for someone like you would not be simple, but I’ll get around to it soon. Keep up your healing ways. I hope to visit again this year." Vitra G., Miami Shores, FL

"When I first met Teri I was under a great deal of stress. Nothing I tried until that point calmed me down. The second I laid down on the massage table I felt instantly calmer. Once the treatment started and she explained everything to me I was beyond relaxed....I think I fell asleep. Teri is amazing at her job and has such dedication to it, I would never entertain the thought of going to anyone else."  Alessandra L., North Port, FL

"I wish to commend Teri Michel for her professionalism with regard to her massage treatments.  I have used her services and she is a wonderful, caring person and has a great gift for what she does as a message therapist.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a relaxing and therapeutical massage." Jennifer A., North Port, FL

"After three car accidents, I was going to a Chiropractor, Neurologist, Physical Therapist and Message Therapist.  The most helpful treatment was Chiropractic and Message Therapy.  The Message Therapy was the one thing that did the most to help me out from the pain and to feel better.  Thank You My Message Therapist, Teri Michel!!!  Would not have made it back without You!" Edie T., North Port, FL

"Teri Michel really knows her stuff.  Every massage I have experienced with Teri has left my mind relaxed and my body free of aches and pains.  Thank you Teri, I look forward to my next massage." N. Holmes, Venice, FL
"I first met Teri when I was in desperate need of massage, due to the unexpected onset of significant back pain.  She was able to get me in that same day, and went out of her way to accommodate me.  Her massage relieved my symptoms completely, and I recovered very quickly.  I recommend her without reservation." Cyrus W., West Des Moines, IA
"I have been to several massage therapists due to chronic tension, and have regretted many and left in more pain! I have always left with relief after your therapy. You create a very peaceful and comfortable environment. I recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you!" Melissa L., North Port, FL

"As my referrals to your massage therapy attest, I am delighted to be one of your clients.  Your "Magic Touch" is as soothing as I have ever experienced.  Keep up the good work." Ken L., Port Charlotte, FL

"I want to just say that your yoga workouts are great.  I am sorry I do not get a chance to come more often.  You cover all the bases and I feel wonderful all day after a session.  Thank you." Judie B., FL

"Great massage, she is always able to work out all the sore spots.  Feel refreshed after each and every massage.  I recommend highly." Yolanda I., Venice, FL
"I received a lymphatic drainage massage by Terri and was very impressed with her skills.  Also, I was very impressed with her knowledge about the body and nutritional supplements.   It was a pleasure meeting her and I look forward to receiving her services in the future." Christine, Venice, Fl.
"I want to thank you so very much for all you've done for 
me in the last 3 years.I have alot of stress in my job, 
and thanks to the periodic massages,the herbal vitamins, 
and the fantastic yoga classes I've attended, I have more 
energy than I have had in years. I have been able to cope 
much better with the recent medical diagnosis thanks to 
all that you do for me. I would recommend to everyone if 
you're looking for a person with the knowledge and 
experience to help you improve your quality of life, then 
Teri is the person you ought to see. Thanks" Rich L., North
Port, FL
"I have been seeing Teri now for four years. She is very knowledgeable  about the body and takes great pride in what she does. She treats you more like a friend than  a client, also her home where she works from is like a sanctuary when you walk in you just feel a sense of peace like you could stay all day and never leave, and as a matter of fact you do have the option of setting up a full spa day with all the different therapies she has available. So take a friend or your husband and spend a day in total tranquility and forget about the cares of the world, you deserve it and owe it to yourself." Carol L., North Port, FL

"I was referred by a friend to Teri Michel a few years ago. I was having trouble with my neck and shoulders. Teri lives on a nice quiet street and the home is easy to locate. When you enter her lovely home you automatically relax. She has such a quieting, caring and trusting manner. There is a brief assessment of your ailments or concerns. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of your health. I cannot say enough for her professionalism. Her massages are truly to die for. I also attended yoga classes with Teri. I most highly recommend her services." Barbara B., Caro, MI

"There are very few things I do for myself, and your massage is the one I look forward to each month. Since then, I have lost weight and have had less pain in my knee and back. I attribute that to you as well. You not only are a professional masseuse but you have an understanding of the needs of the body. I would happily recommend you to all!!!" Valerie L., Venice, FL


"I received a cranio-sacral/lumbar massage treatment from Teri that was amazing.  Due to her extensive training and expertise in this area, Teri was able to reach, stretch, and relax those muscles that my regular masseuses could not.  To this day, it was the most effective massage I've ever had.  Thank you Teri!" Laura B., Polk City, FL

"I very much enjoyed my massage with Prana.  It was restful, relaxing and reasonable.  I recommend Teri to anyone looking to having a massage. Thanks." Mike H, Venice, FL