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Prana- The Universal Life Force Energy




Welcome to the Webpage for Yoga & Meditiation with Teri, previously the site for ANANDA YOGA.Ananda Yoga is under new ownership and their website is  The studio is located @ 13035 Tamiami Trail, Ste E, North Port, FL 34287. I am very excited about the change of ownership and management of the studio. It was a dream come true for me to have my own yoga studio, but the time has come for me to beginning winding down and taking it easy. The new owners are Chris & Nicole Collins, long time friends and associates of mine, and I am thrilled that they will be taking over for me.  I will still be teaching my regular classes and hosting workshops and special events. 




with Teri Michel

Walk-Ins Welcome


Vinyasa Yoga (Gentle Flow)   75 min     9:00 am Tue & Thu 

Restorative Yoga              75 min     10:30 am Tue & Thi

Yoga Nidra Sound Mediation  60 min      6:30 pm Tue March 3th

Settle Into Stillness with Sound Journey  90 min  6:30 pm Thu March 19th

(The Walk-In Fee for Teri's classes is $15. Punch Card 12 Classes $120)

( Please PreRegister for Yoga Nidra and Settle Into Stillness by text or call to 941-875-8582) 

( Fee for Yoga Nidra is $20, Fee for Settle Into Stillness is $25, both payable at the door)




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Directions to Studio: We are located at 13035 Tamiami Trail, Ste E, North Port, FL, 34287. Going North on US41, turn right on Grobe Street, and then right on the access road, we are in the first group of buildings. Going south on US41, turn into the Dollar General store and drive through the parking lot, across Grobe Street and into the next group of buildings.

Hope to see you there soon. Blessings and Namaste'



Yoga is the Union of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Without this Union, there is no Wholeness

Without Wholeness, there is no Health







  Teri Michel, CAHE, has been practicing yoga for over 50 yrs and teaching for 16 years. She is a ed Ayurvedic Health Consultant, and has studied through the American Vedic Institute and the Chopra , plus with numerous other yogis over the years. She teaches a combination of Hatha & Vinyasa for beginning to intermediate students. Each yoga class incorporates the asanas, or poses, along with pranayama, or breathing exercises, and meditation. She also provides instruction in Restorative Yoga, Mantra Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Prior to opening her own studio she taught yoga & meditation at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ,  Heron Creek Golf & Country Club in North Port, FL and private lessons. Having personally endured many physical challenges in her life, and seen the healing transformation that yoga and meditation can provide, she feels it is her Dharma, or mission, to share the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. She is grateful to be able to provide a sacred sanctuary in which to practice. To Contact Teri directly, email: or call 941.875.8582.






Many people think of yoga as merely an exercise class where you sit in pretzel positions for long periods of time, or a meditation class where you are completely silent contemplating your navel.  There is so much more to both, and I feel it is my dharma, or mission, to bring that knowledge to you.


Vedic Yoga is the foundation for all traditional yoga systems we know of today. Dating back to the end of the last Ice Age, or approximately 8500 years old, it may be the oldest spiritual system known to mankind. The Vedic culture arose out of what now is known as India. The Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world, is still in use today, and describes Mantras (repetition of sacred sounds), Pranayama (control of the breath), Dhyana (meditation) and Yajna (offerings).


The Sanskit word Yoga, means "union" and the practice of yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. In India, around the third century BC, Pantanjali, wrote the Yoga Sutras. Sutra means "thread" in Sanskrit and Pantanjali condensed the ancient texts into threads of thought that were easier to assimilate, understand, and practice.


According to Pantanjali's interpretations, there are Eight Limbs (Ashtanga) to Yoga, and they cover all aspects of an individual's life. They are as follows:

       YAMA - The Laws of Life






       NIYAMA -The Rules for Living






 ASANA  - Posture

 PRANAYAMA - Breathing Exercises

 PRATYAHARA - Retirement of the Senses

 DHARANA - Focusing of Attention

 DHYANA - Meditation

 SAMADHI -  The Settled Mind


So, when you look at the big picture of Yoga, there is much more to it than just an exercise class.  In my classes, I incorporate, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahra, Dharana, Dhyana and, hopefully, with practice & persistence, Samadhi. The Laws of Life and the Rules of Living, are things that we have all been taught growing up, no matter, what cultural, spiritual, or religious back ground.     





The Postures, or Asanas, that I teach are in the style of Hatha & Vinyasa. Hatha poses are static postures held for a few breaths, or can be held for several minutes. Vinyasa postures are flowing movements, where the individual moves on each intake and outflow of the breath.

Some of the benefits of the asanas are more flexibility, increased core strength, increased upper and lower body strength, increased cardiovascular health, more vitality and endurance, plus better balance.

Ideally, the best time to practice yoga is in the morning. However, for those of you that work I offer an evening class also.


The benefits of meditation can truly be life-saving. Through meditation you can lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate, regulate and maximize your breathing, free you mind and stop the "monkey brain" chatter, obtain better sleep, decrease anxiety and much more. We live in a stressful environment on a day to day basis, and by taking 20 - 30 minutes in the morning and evening every day, you can reverse and stop the harmful effects of stress in your life.  



Yoga Nidra means sleep with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream. When you practice Yoga Nidra, you are able to relax and open the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind. Yoga Nidra is a scientific method of releasing muscular, emotional and mental tension from the body and mind.  By releasing these tensions, you enable your mind and body to totally relax and spontaneously reduce stress from your life on all levels. It is a more efficient and effective form of psychic and physiological rest and rejuvenation than conventional sleep. Those who adopt the practice of Yoga Nidra will experience profound changes in their sleep habits. One hour of Yoga Nidra relates to four hours of normal sleep




A very gentle, slow moving type of yoga. All asanas or postures are done on the floor supported. Each asana is held for about 5 minutes, however, you are supported by bolsters, pillows and blankets so that you can completely relax into the posture.  This protocol is especially good for seniors who have not practiced yoga before. Also, for people recovering from injury or surgery to regain range of motion. The class is appropriate for all levels; beginner to advanced.